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Athena Blog

Athena is a smaller test boat (roughly 3’ long) which we’ve developed to serve as a testing platform while Ship Happens is being repaired. It also served as an intro project for our new recruits this season to help them get the skills they’d need in EE and MechE more quickly.

Almost Done with Athena!

Athena is almost finished! Just a few more parts need to be wired, and we need to find a way to protect our LiDAR from water. Perhaps an acrylic tube will be clear enough to block out water but also not interfere with the LiDAR signals.

Purpose and Goals of our Test Boat

Goal for this project: Use Sea Grant’s Kingfisher hulls to build a testing platform to help Navigations collect data while Ship Happens is being repaired and improved. The hope is to run MOOS Helm, MIT’s Marine ROS system, instead of Ardupilot. This project will also be a good learning opportunity for new members on how to assemble a boat.